The RCEN voting membership is comprised of environmental organizations from across Canada. Members meet every year during our Annual General Assembly to elect the Board of Directors, which is composed entirely of voting member representatives.

As the organization is largely volunteer based, the Board members, Caucus members and volunteers carry out activities in support of the network. Please contact Devanshi Kukadia, Sustainability Project Manager at for additional inquiries.

For more information on the organization governance, please see the RCEN By-laws (here).

RCEN Board of Directors

  • Acting Chair: Ian Peace, Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Society

Ian is a British Columbia-based environmental advocate who spent many winters in traditional territories working as a surveyor for oil and gas exploration. He graduated with a MSc. Environment and Management from Royal Roads University and worked in the oil sand development region for a First Nation Band Consultation office. Ian studied water management in the oil sand extraction processes and developed a passion for investigating environmental performance related to Athabasca River water diversions. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors and teaches trampoline

  • Treasurer and Acting Secretary: Alex Keenan, Ontario Environment Network 

Alex Keenan

Alex Keenan is an Ottawa-based communications professional who knows the power of a shared story. That's why she passionately supports environmental networking and is part of both RCEN and the Ontario Environment Network (OEN). A nature girl who also happens to be a city dweller, Alex advocates for sustainable transportation, smart community planning, and the conservation of biodiversity and its habitat. As a former lawyer who has worked with First Nations and Indigenous businesses, Alex brings to the Board a keen eye for policies and systems. She loves hiking, camping and sailing, but prefers to hibernate during the winter.

  • Affiliate Representative: Leslie Adams, Ontario Environment Network
  • Anna Johnston, West Coast Environmental Law

Anna is a staff lawyer for West Coast Environmental Law, where her work focuses on strengthening federal environmental assessment laws, policies and regulations. She earned her law degree from the University of Victoria in 2010, where she was enrolled in the Environmental Law Clinic intensive stream and was an active member of the Environmental Law Club. In 2010 Anna interned at the Institute of Environmental Law and Governance in Nairobi, Kenya before completing her articles at Ecojustice Canada. Called to the bar in 2011, Anna practiced as a sole practitioner in Aboriginal and environmental law before she joined West Coast in 2013.

Anna has represented community and Indigenous groups on environmental assessments of major energy projects in British Columbia and Alberta and has provided environmental legal education and support to communities across Canada. She currently co-chairs the national Environmental Planning and Assessment Caucus of the Canadian Environmental Network, and resides in Ottawa

  • Mike Simpson, British Columbia Council for International Co-operation

Mike Simpson img

Michael has been the Executive Director of the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) since July 2014. Prior to working for BCCIC, Michael was the founder and Executive Director of One Sky – The Canadian Institute for Sustainable Living. His work with One Sky varied from leading major bilateral projects in West Africa, including Nigeria and Sierra Leone, to working in Latin America on projects ranging from forest conservation to leadership development. Michael has been an active voice for Canadian civil society at international forums ranging from the World Summit on Sustainable Development, to UN meetings on renewable energy and more recently the Sustainable Development Goals. With a keen interest in integral theory, he has been active in exploring the nexus between developmental psychology and
social change. His most recent focus has been on leadership development within the context of social movements, including both the private sector and civil society.

Simpson has been involved with the CEN since the 1990s when he was actively involved in the International Program and served on the National Council. His active involvement in the environmental movement, forest conservation and climate change goes back to the mid-1980s, with larger groups like the Sierra Club and Greenpeace as well as many smaller CSOs.

Prior to his work with CSOs, Simpson was an award-winning documentary producer who ran a video production company for fifteen years that specialized in programming on environment, development, and human rights. He spent many years working in conflict and post-conflict areas, with a special focus on Latin America and West Africa. When not raising his daughter, Simpson enjoys extreme sports as well as the study of Zen.

RCEN's Sustainability Project Manager

  • Devanshi Kukadia

Devanshi is working with RCEN as a Sustainability Project Manager. She graduated with a Master of Environmental Science Degree from the University of Toronto and has international experience working with the biodiversity monitoring projects as well as with the Toronto Zoo in their conservation programs. She is very passionate about environmental issues such as climate change and loss of biodiversity and hopes to bring some positive changes in the environmental policy sector. She is applying her scientific knowledge and project management skills to coordinate with the board members and the caucuses and help support RCEN’s projects. In her free time she volunteers to advance the youth-led biodiversity conservation initiatives. She can be reached out at


  • Yi Liu

Yi is a student at the University of Ottawa - Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering. She is a self-disciplined and independent web developer and helps with RCEN's website management and updates. Yi will be graduating this year and she hopes to develop her career in the field of IT. She enjoys volunteering with Canadian Environmental Network since she cares about the planet, and it helps her expand her experiences in the field of website development. 


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