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The Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) facilitates cooperation and networking among non-profit, non-governmental environmental organisations across Canada and internationally. Since 1977, we have been enabling and enhancing our members' work of protecting, conserving, restoring and promoting a clean, healthy, sustainable environment.

RCEN is encouraging renewals from current members, new applications from previous members and member of non-member organizations which are interested in collaborating, networking and sharing resources with others at a national level.

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Class A (voting membership - for Environmental, Non-Governmental-Organisations)

  • $15 / year for an organizations with an annual core budget of less than $25,000 / year and part of a provincial environmental network;
  • $35 / year for an organizations with an annual core budget of less than $25,000 / year which is not a member of a provincial environmental network; 
  • $80 / year for organisations with an annual core budget of $25,000 or more and part of a provincial environmental network;
  • $100 / year for organisations with an annual core budget of $25,000 or more which is not a member of a provincial environmental network.

Class B (non-voting membership - individuals or other qualifying organisations): $35 / year

To apply for membership, complete the Membership Form here (printable PDF) or here (online Google Form)

Please contact Alex Keenan, Treasurer (treasurer@rcen.ca), if you have any questions concerning participation in RCEN.


RCEN letter supporting the Green Economic Recovery

Dear RCEN supporters,

Earlier last week, RCEN and the affiliate networks drafted a letter to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada, offering our assistance to the green economic recovery in Canada. We received support for this letter from our members as well as the affiliate network and sent the letter to the Minister on May 19th 2020.

Please support us by sharing the RCEN green economic recovery letter with other environmental groups in your network and let the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, as well as your local Member of Parliament know that you support a green economic recovery with input & insights from grassroots environmental organizations.

The letter can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.


Chers sympathisants du RCEN,

Plus tôt la semaine dernière, le RCEN et les réseaux affiliés ont rédigé une lettre au ministre d’Environnement et Changement climatique Canada, offrant notre aide à la reprise économique verte au Canada. Nous avons reçu le soutien pour cette lettre de nos membres ainsi que du réseau d'affiliation et avons envoyé la lettre au Ministre le 19 mai 2020.

Veuillez nous soutenir en partageant la lettre de relance économique verte du RCEN avec les autres groupes environnementaux de votre réseau et faites savoir au ministre de l'Environnement et du Changement climatique, ainsi qu'à votre député local, que vous soutenez une relance économique verte avec les commentaires et les idées de organisations environnementales populaires.

La lettre peut être consultée ici.


RCEN statement on Black Lives Matter:


There is no sustainability without equity and justice. 


From Africville to Site C, environmental injustice is part of a web of systemic racism in Canada, driven by the same forces that result in state violence against Black communities and genocidal policies against Indigenous peoples. We must not tolerate these forces in our country or in our organizations. 


As a network that supports and amplifies the voice and impact of environmental non-profits across Canada, the Canadian Environmental Network has a responsibility to be actively
anti-racist in its actions and operations, today and every day.


We are committed to listening and learning; to examining our own structures and practices for unconscious and structural bias; and to directing resources towards the pursuit of racial justice within the environmental movement.


Déclaration du RCEN sur Black Lives Matter: 


Il n'y a pas de durabilité sans équité et justice.

D'Africville au site C, l'injustice environnementale fait partie d'une bande de racisme systémique au Canada, entraînée par les mêmes forces qui se traduisent par la violence de
l'État contre les communautés noires et les politiques génocidaires contre les peuples autochtones. Nous ne devons pas tolérer ces forces dans notre pays ou dans nos organisations.

En tant que réseau qui soutient et amplifie la voix et l'impact des organismes sans but lucratif environnementaux à travers le Canada, le Réseau canadien de l'environnement a
la responsabilité d'être activement antiraciste dans ses actions et ses opérations, aujourd'hui et tous les jours.

Nous nous engageons à
écouter et à apprendre; à examiner nos propres structures et pratiques pour déceler les biais inconscients et structurels; et à orienter les ressources vers la poursuite de la justice raciale au sein du mouvement environnemental.

RCEN's Submission for Federal Pre-Budget 2021 consultation process.

Earlier in August, RCEN submitted recommendations for the Federal Pre-Budget 2021 consultation process. RCEN's Recommendations were: Recommendation 1: Invest in high-quality, secure employment in the not-for-profit and charity sector Recommendation 2: Include not-for-profit and charitable organizations in consultations on pandemic response programs Recommendation 3: Invest in in-depth policy consultations with grassroots experts and community-based organizations Recommendation 4: Invest in capacity-building for organizations advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 2030 Agenda Recommendation 5: Review Canada’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development priorities to ensure adequate investment in environmental sustainability To read the whole submission, visit: https://bit.ly/RCEN-pre-budget-2021.

We need your help: Call for Action and Contributions

The Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) needs your support to continue providing a voice to 640 community organizations that conserve and enhance our country’s natural environment. Please consider making a secure online contribution and appealing for the restoration of our 34-year financing arrangement with Environment Canada (click here)


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