The Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) is an independent,
non-partisan organization which facilitates networking among those who
share its concern with protection, preservation and restoration of the environment and promoting ecologically sound and sustainable ways of life.

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The Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) facilitates cooperation and networking among non-profit, non-governmental environmental organisations across Canada and internationally. Since 1977, we have been enabling and enhancing our members' work of protecting, conserving, restoring and promoting a clean, healthy, sustainable environment.

RCEN is encouraging renewals from current members, new applications from previous members and member of non-member organizations which are interested in collaborating, networking and sharing resources with others at a national level.

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Class A (voting membership - for Environmental, Non-Governmental-Organisations)

  • $15 / year for an organizations with an annual core budget of less than $25,000 / year and part of a provincial environmental network;
  • $35 / year for an organizations with an annual core budget of less than $25,000 / year which is not a member of a provincial environmental network; 
  • $80 / year for organisations with an annual core budget of $25,000 or more and part of a provincial environmental network;
  • $100 / year for organisations with an annual core budget of $25,000 or more which is not a member of a provincial environmental network.

Class B (non-voting membership - individuals or other qualifying organisations): $35 / year

To apply for membership, complete the Membership Form here (printable PDF) or here (online Google Form)

Please contact either Alex Keenan, the Board Chair ( or Raissa marks the RCEN Secretary (, if you have any questions concerning participation in RCEN.

Have Your Say on Environmental Assessment

Government of Canada is overhauling key environmental assessment and
regulatory processes. In 2016, it appointed expert panels to review the Canadian Environmental
Assessment Act, 2012
 and the National Energy Board Act, and asked House of Commons committees to review the Fisheries Act and the Navigation Protection Act.

New legislation was introduced in February 2018.

Bill C-68
strengthens the Fisheries Act, while
Bill C-69
introduces a new Impact Assessment Act and Canadian Energy Regulator Act, and makes modest improvements to what will now be called the
Canadian Navigable Waters Act. Both bills passed through the House of Commons in June, and will be reviewed by the Senate this fall.

Now, the government is developing
supporting regulations for the
Impact Assessment Act
. You can stay up-to-date on all four laws through the government web page, which will contain
new ways to be involved as legislation and regulations are developed.

Environmental Planning and Assessment Caucus has been deeply involved
in the review of federal environmental assessment processes, and intends
to continue
to help ensure that the new Impact Assessment Act reflects the leading-edge thinking of our members. You can read our publications
here, and throughout the review you can use this online action tool to send a message to your Member of Parliament
and the relevant Ministers urging them to get EA right!

Public Appeal: Call for Action and Contributions

The Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) needs your support to continue providing a voice to 640 community organizations that conserve and enhance our country’s natural environment. Please consider making a secure online contribution and appealing for the restoration of our 34-year financing arrangement with Environment Canada (click here)


RCEN Living History Series Vol. 8

Watch this interview with Mark Butler, from Nova Scotia's Ecology Action Centre.

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