Public Participation

The RCEN actively supports and coordinates the participation of environmental non-government organisations (ENGOs) in public consultation processes with federal departments, agencies and the private sector.

Current Consultations:

By coordinating the participation of ENGO representatives in collaborative and multi-stakeholder processes, the RCEN ensures that: groups have an opportunity to engage directly in national policy initiatives related to the environment; and that the input from these experts is included in any consultative process, adding valuable expertise and legitimacy to environmental policies.

RCEN members are encouraged to participate* in the public consultations, working groups, committees, workshops and conferences listed in the Current Consultations section.

Public Consultation Services

Since 1977, RCEN-selected civil society experts have participated in hundreds of government consultations, meetings, workshops, steering committees, advisory committees and more.

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Drawing on the wide range of experience within the Network. the the RCEN successfully organizes dozens of outreach activities, capacity building workshops, policy and research papers and other public information sessions every year.

Democratic Delegate Selections

Our delegate selection process is recognized by environmental groups and government departments alike as an effective and democratic way to find the most qualified civil society experts for specific policy processes.

*Note that only individuals associated with an RCEN member group can apply to be delegates. If your organisation is not currently a member, or if you’re not sure, please contact us at, or call 613-728-9810.


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