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Sun 26 Jan 2014

The Canadian Environmental Network(RCEN) is holding its AGM March 8, 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The AGM marks the third annual general meeting since the federal government unilaterally cancelled its funding agreement with the organization in 2011. Without funding the organization has continued to operate on a volunteer basis, coordinating national caucuses on issues ranging from mining to health and biodiversity.

Mon 16 Apr 2012

Chairman Kolmel's Letter of Resignation

Dear members of RCEN,
Dear colleagues and friends,

After much reflection, for both personal and professional reasons, it is with sincere regret that I announce to you my resignation as chair of the Board of directors of the Canadian Environmental Network, and francophone representative on the National Council.

Thu 5 Apr 2012

How quickly, and to what extent, can we make the transition to cleaner and renewable energy in North America? Do you have ideas or concerns on the policy pathway to a low-carbon future by 2030? 

Mon 2 Apr 2012

It is with immense regret that I must announce to you that Hans Herrmann’s role as Executive Director of the Canadian Environmental Network has officially ended March 31, 2012. After an assessment of the organisation’s current financial capacity, the Board of Directors faced the unfortunate and difficult decision of not renewing the contract for the Executive Director position - and this for an undetermined period of time.

Tue 13 Mar 2012

(Ottawa) Conservative MPs on the Committee reviewing the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) have set out recommendations that follow the party line to further gut the federal environmental assessment process while failing to consider expert testimony to improve it, according to environmental groups from across Canada.

Thu 26 Jan 2012

Call for Delegates

The risk management for MAPBAP acetate is an Environmental Release Guideline to limit releases to water from facilities manufacturing, processing and using MAPBAP acetate or products containing MAPBAP acetate.

Wed 14 Dec 2011

December 14, 2011

OTTAWA—Environmental groups are pleased that the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD)’s report emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability, and the need to better integrate scientific knowledge into federal decision making. The groups argue that public consultations need to be meaningful, and supported by open data.

Wed 19 Oct 2011

Over the weekend, the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) witnessed a nation-wide outpouring of support over the non-approval of our contribution agreement with the federal government for the 2011 fiscal year. Your response brought our case to the attention of national and regional media, reflecting the value of our work in communities across the country. Our network’s resilience underscores the strength of your ongoing stewardship.

Fri 14 Oct 2011

Future uncertain for network of over 640 environmental groups

Today, the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN), one of Canada’s oldest, largest, and most well-respected democratic institutions serving the environmental concerns of all Canadians, was forced to lay off its staff and is on the verge of closing its doors and those of its 11 regional offices.


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