National Caucuses

For anyone working with environmental NGOs – either as a volunteer or an employee – RCEN's caucuses provide countless opportunities for networking with other experts who share the same passion for environmental protection.

The Canadian Environmental Network’s 10 national caucuses are formal working groups of environmentalists with expertise and/or an interest in specific environmental issues. Caucuses provide a way for groups from across Canada to communicate, share information and work together on today’s most pressing issues, including:tree

Via email listservs, monthly conference calls and face-to-face meetings, caucus members are in regular communication with other groups working on the same issues. They share vital information, best practices and strategies for effective action on environmental policy issues.

Smaller groups benefit by having a stronger voice on the national scene, while larger organizations can connect with local groups working on the ground in communities across the country.

What Caucuses Do

youth caucus

Every year, caucus members determine the priority issues and activities upon which their respective caucuses will focus. Members elect a steering committee responsible for administering caucus affairs.

Generally, caucus members get together as often as possible, allowing the free flow and sharing of information, concerns and experiences between the diverse groups. Caucuses also select environmental NGO delegates to participate in government consultations.

Upcoming Caucuses

If your organization would like to network with others around a cross-cutting issue, email us at to express your interest in creating a new caucus. Examples include: Mining; Toxics; Plastics; Indigenous; Youth; Agriculture; Transportation; Energy

If your organization is already a RCEN member, email us at and indicate which caucus(es) your organization is interested in joining. If you or your organization is interested in joining any of our caucuses, you must become a member first. It’s easy to sign up online here

Joining a Caucus

Any individual member of an RCEN member group can participate in the activities of our caucuses. Simply fill out this form and we’ll get back to you with more information on how to get involved. You can also contact the coordinator of the caucus you’re interested in joining directly.

Not a member? If your organisation is not currently a member of the RCEN, or if you’re not sure, please contact us at, or call 613-728-9810.


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