Health Caucus


Child playThe Health Caucus envisions an era of personal and planetary health for all peoples, with enough good food, fertile earth, pure water, uncontaminated air, and uncompromised genetic and cultural heritage for universal well-being.

The Health Caucus will act to address the range of environmental and related elements that influence the health and well-being of Canadian communities, our global neighbours, and Mother Earth.

We will promote awareness of the complex relationships that affect ecosystem and population health. Our work will be rooted in respect for Creation.

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Steering Committee

Jim Elliott (Chair)
The Gaia Group, SK

Sheila Cole
Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia, NS

David Daughton
Eastern Co-operative Health Organization, PEI

Sandra Madray
Chemical Sensitivities Manitoba, MB

David J. Parker
Vegetarians of Alberta Association, AB

Rohini Peris

Environmental Health Association of Québec

Caucus Coordinator