Environmental Planning and Assessment Caucus


The Environmental Planning & Assessment Caucus’ (EPA Caucus) members share a common vision of truly effective environmental assessment (EA) in Canada, including the integration of EA into development planning.Fall light over the Mackenzie River

What We Do

Through face-to-face meetings and regular communication, the Caucus allows its member groups to bring forward a strong public interest analysis of the many facets of environmental planning and assessment in this country. Among other things, this allows Caucus members to inform the environmental community about developments and issues connected with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and its regulations, and allows member groups to fit local initiatives into larger policy contexts.

The strong communication between diverse member groups located in all regions of Canada and the energy, knowledge and "on the ground" experience of its members make the Caucus the most substantive and dynamic network of environmental assessment expertise in Canada today.

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Steering Committee

Roberta Frampton Benefiel
Grand Riverkeeper Labrador, NL

Hugh Benevides
Montreal, QC

Meinhard Doelle
Halifax, NS

Stephen Hazell
Nature Canada, ON

Judy Huntley
Castle Crown Wilderness Coalition, AB

Anna Johnston (Co-chair)
West Coast Environmental Law, BC

Jamie Kneen (Co-chair and interim Caucus coordinator)
MiningWatch Canada, ON

Pat Moss
Northwest Institute, BC

Karine Péloffy
Centre Québécois du Droit de l'Environnement, QC

Michael Poellet
Inter-Church Uranium Committee Educational Cooperative, SK

Justina Ray
Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, ON

Gary Schneider
ECO-PEI (Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island), PEI

John Sinclair
Green Action Centre, MB

Jason Unger
Environmental Law Centre, AB

John Werring
David Suzuki Foundation, BC