Biodiversity Caucus



The Biodiversity Caucus mandate is to move society, by enhancing interested member groups’ capacity, to inform, promote and advocate on:

  • The conservation, promotion and equitable sharing of genetic, species and ecosystem biodiversity and function;
  • The conservation and improvement of conditions that support biodiversity; and,
  • The importance of biodiversity as a primary determinant of a sustainable biosphere in Canada and abroad.

Through consultation, information sharing and formulation of joint action plans, the Biodiversity Caucus works to influence all sectors of society to recognize and act in a way that reflects that biodiversity and resilient ecosystems are the basis for all life


What We Do

The caucus will, as a critically important part of its mandate, assist key stakeholders in meeting the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The three objectives of the Convention are:

  1. To conserve biological diversity;
  2. The use biological diversity in a sustainable fashion; and
  3. To share the benefits of biological diversity fairly and equitable

UN Decade on Biodiversity Logo

The RCEN Biodiversity Caucus supports the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.


* Note that the RCEN Forest Caucus was dissolved in September 2010, with several members now actively working on biodiversity issues. For Forest Caucus archives, please click here.

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Steering Committee

Leslie Adams (Co-Chair)
Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources, ON

Larry McDermott (Co-Chair)
Plenty Canada, ON

John Coombs
Nature Manitoba, MB

Joseph Hnatiuk
Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists, AB

Lynn Palmer
Environment North, ON

Frederic Perron-Welch
Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, QC

Wendy Thomson
ElectricGreen Environment News, ON

Caucus Coordinator

John Coombs
Tel / Fax : 1-855-200-2463 (1-855-200BioD)