Call for Action and Contributions

Fri 28 Oct 2011

The Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) needs your support to continue providing a voice to 640 community organizations that conserve and enhance our country’s natural environment. DonatePlease consider making a secure online contribution and appealing for the restoration of our 34-year financing arrangement with Environment Canada.

Established in 1977, the Canadian Environmental Network functions as an invaluable and irreplaceable grid of communication, and platform for resource sharing and project building, between hundreds of thousands of environmentally concerned Canadians. It also connects Canadians to provincial, national and international decision-making on issues affecting the fate of our environment. This important work is being jeopardized following the non-renewal of our longstanding contribution agreement with the federal government.

How you can help:

1. - Make a donation or pay membership fees

2. Communicate - Contact Media & Decision-makers

3. Create - Propose a project or partnership

Donate: Want to really send a message? Make a financial contribution and challenge your colleagues to do the same using Twitter and Facebook! Even $25 will go a long way in ensuring that Canadians maintain a voice in the shaping of our country’s environmental programs, policies and future. Click the donate button to make a secure online contribution. Please note: RCEN is not registered to issue tax receipts for donations; however, as a non-profit, all contributions serve the mission of the organization.

Contact Media: Have contacts in the media or want to communicate our work? Build media presence by sending them our press release with a description of the manner in which the RCEN has helped your organization or community. Local coverage is just as valuable as the national momentum that we are building through feature articles, social media presence and appeals from thousands of Canadians that have rallied to our cause. And share this link!

Contact Decision-Makers: Another way in which you could help is by letting decision makers know what you think. Here are some templates to get you started on letters to federal and provincial legislative representatives, as well as other community leaders.

Create: Whether you, your business or organization wishes to share an expertise, build a project or partner-up to support a healthy environment – your proposals are welcome! You can contact us here.

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