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When: From date selected to March 31, 2011

On March 22, 2011, the RCEN hosting an Access and Benefits Sharing (ABS) online education webinar for its members. The Biodiversity Caucus selected 3 ENGO delegates with professional experience with ABS to be presenters during the educational webinar. The webinar was 3 hours long and divided into 3 topics: 1) Identifying the issue "what is ABS?"; 2) The history of ABS negotiations - Laying the groundwork for Nagoya, and; 3) Explanation and interpretation of the ABS Nagoya protocol. Each selected delegate presented on one of the 3 topics.

Selected Delegates:

  • Alexander Kenny, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law
  • Frederic Perron-Welch, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law
  • Peigi Wilson, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Background Information:

The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) was negotiated with a view to mitigate biodiversity loss on a global scale. The objectives of the Convention are biodiversity conservation, the sustainable use of biological resources, and the equitable sharing of benefits derived from the use of genetic resources. Within the framework of the Convention, Parties address various aspects of biodiversity. The CBD focuses its analyses and activities around ecosystems, and particularly forest, arid lands and marine ecosystems. Some of the main issues tackled by the CBD include the study of the Convention’s application; protected areas; biosecurity; exotic invasive species; and access and benefit sharing of genetic resources.

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