Multi-Stakeholder Discussion Group on Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollution



In April 2007 the federal government released a plan to regulate air pollutants from large industrial emitters in Canada. The Turning the Corner plan put forward an ambitious proposal for 50% reductions in key air pollutants from large industrial emitters by 2015. Despite the demanding nature of the overall targets, several key elements of the plan raised concerns from a wide range of stakeholders.

In July of 2007, environmentalists along with industry representatives wrote to the Prime Minister asking for a broader consultation process on both the GHG and air quality elements of the Turning the Corner plan. This initiated a multi-stakeholder group on air pollution comprised of industry, environmental and health NGOs and government representatives.

The work at this level combined with parallel work done at the provincial level, led, in March 2008, to the creation of the Tripartite Group involving representatives from federal and provincial governments as well as representatives from industry and NGOs. Federal officials withdrew from the group’s work at the beginning of the federal election in September 2008 and are still without a mandate from the Minister of the Environment to return to the table. Nevertheless, the other stakeholders have continued to work together to develop a viable alternative to the original federal framework.

Climate Action Network Canada (CAN-RAC) and the Canadian Environmental Network were invited to select a total of four (4) ENGO representatives to participate in this Discussion Group. Representatives were chosen to ensure that ENGO views on climate change and air pollution would be represented in a balanced manner.

Selected ENGO delegates:

  • Stephen Hazell, Sierra Club of Canada, ON
  • Nashina Shariff, Toxics Watch Society of Alberta, AB
  • Quentin Chiotti, Pollution Probe, ON
  • Matthew Bramley, Pembina Institute, QC (participated in discussions on GHGs/Climate Change issues)
  • Lisa Gue, David Suzuki Foundation, ON (participated in discussions on Air Pollution/Clean air issues)
  • Alternate: Anna Tilman, STORM Coalition, ON

For more information, please contact Daniel Casselman, National Caucus Coordinator, at (613) 728-9810 ext. 236.

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