Mining Sector Performance Review Advisory Committee



* reporting to the Social Licence Task Group of the Intergovernmental Working Group on Minerals and Metals (IGWG)

When: Three to four meetings (likely one or two face-to-face) between late September 2009 and March 2010
Where: Most by teleconference.  Face-to-face meetings will likely take place in Ottawa.

The RCEN Mining Caucus was invited by the Minerals and Metals Sector of Natural Resources Canada to select 2 ENGO delegates to participate on the Mining Sector Performance Review Advisory Committee.

The selected delegates are:

The alternate delegates are:

  • 1st Alternate: Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch, ON
  • 2nd Alternate: Judy Parkman, Recycling Organization Against Rubbish, BC

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide a range of informed perspectives that can support the Task Group’s review of performance improvements that have taken place in the mining sector in Canada over the last ten years.

The Advisory Committee is to be a multi-stakeholder group composed of representatives from business, government, labour, civil society and academia. Confirmed participants from business organizations are at the VP level. Participants from government are at the Assistant Deputy Minister level.

For more information, please contact Daniel Casselman, National Caucus Coordinator at (613) 728-9810 ext. 236.

Background Information

At the 2008 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference (EMMC), Ministers asked that officials develop a work plan to better understand issues related to the public image of the mining sector.  Over the last year, the federal/provincial/territorial (FPT) Social Licence Task Group examined the relationship between public perceptions of the mining industry and its ability to secure a social Licence.

Phase one of the Task Group’s research suggests that securing a social Licence to operate requires collaboration between industry, government and civil society to support:

  • on-going performance improvements by both industry and government to address substantive public concerns; and
  • credible approaches to public engagement and communications that demonstrate how these improvements have addressed public concerns. 

As an extension of the work undertaken for Ministers, the Social Licence Task Group is proposing to undertake a research review of initiatives that have, over the last decade, improved performance and supported the sustainable management of mineral resources in Canada.   The research will examine the drivers underlying the emergence of these initiatives as well as stakeholder perspectives on their effectiveness. 

At the conclusion of the project, the Task Group anticipates having a comprehensive body of information on initiatives in Canada that have improved the performance of the mining sector.  This research can then be used by IGWG to serve a variety of purposes, including to:

  • identify gaps and areas where performance needs to continue to improve;
  • inform on-going efforts to improve performance; and
  • support the development of creative, credible approaches to communicating about performance improvements with the public.

In addition, the Task Group proposes that IGWG report on the findings of the research to FPT Deputy Ministers in the spring of 2010.

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