Major Groups Initiative on UNFF

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Major Groups play a critical role within the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), both in contributing to policy formulation and in the implementation of UNFF decisions at regional, national and local levels. Engaging Major Groups effectively is therefore key to the success of the work of UNFF, and the achievement of the 4 global objectives on forests stated in the Non-legally Binding Instrument on all Types of Forests (NLBI) adopted by UNFF-7.

Major Groups are uniquely positioned to educate and engage individual citizens and stakeholders, work with diverse constituencies, and contribute effectively toward the implementation of sustainable forest management. Building partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders is important to achieving global objectives and achieving national policy measures as expressed in the NLBI.

The programme includes two main programme areas: (i) a Major Groups Global Workshop for inputs into UNFF 10 in 2013, and (ii) participation in and organizing a side event during Rio+20 in Brazil.

Greater efforts at coordination at the global level will help develop partnerships and cooperation and foster greater collaboration in implementation at the local level where the activities are needed. The programme will generate momentum towards implementation of the Forest Instrument.
The theme for the 2012 Workshop is Forests and Economic Development: Positioning Forests to Contribute to Green Economy
The Sub-themes are:
• Forest products and services
• National forest programmes and other sectoral policies and strategies
• Reducing risks and impacts of disasters
• Benefits of forests and trees to urban communities

The overarching goal of the programme is to enhance the implementation of UNFF decisions toward sustainable forest management within the framework of Forests and Economic Development.

The meeting will bring together approximately 100 key stakeholders from all UNFF Major Groups as identified in Agenda 21, member state governments, and intergovernmental organizations actively involved in the UNFF process. Limited opportunities to participate in the event are still available for those who are able to self-finance or find funding from other sources (e.g. their universities, organizations, or government departments). No registration fees will be required.

To apply, please complete your registration in the online registration section of the MGI Forest Workshop website: 

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