IISD Policy Dialogue on Carbon Markets: The Role and Profile of International Market Mechanisms in a Post-2012 Regime


Closed Consultation

When: May 19, 2009
Where: Montreal, QC

In cooperation with Climate Action Network Canada (CAN-Canada), the RCEN conducted a delegate selection for ENGO participation at a one-day policy dialogue on the role of carbon markets in the UN climate change negotiations, which was organized by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). The event will took place in Montreal on May 19th, 2009.

Selected RCEN/CAN-Canada ENGO Delegates:

  • PJ Partington, Pembina Institute, ON/QC
  • Clare Demerse, Pembina Istitute, ON/QC
  • Thomas Welt, Québec Kyoto, QC
  • Ian Thomson, KAIROS Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, ON
  • Dale Marshall, David Suzuki Foundation, ON
  • Gaile Whelan Enns, Manitoba Wildlands, MB
  • Patrick Bonin, Association Québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA), QC
  • Peter Ormond, Conserver Society of Hamilton and District, ON
  • Bill Eggertson, Canadian Association for Renewable Energies, ON
  • Greg Ross, Sierra Youth Coalition, ON
  • Wallace Beaton, Climate Action Network Canada, ON
  • Sheila Cole, Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia, NS
  • Mary Richardson, Crooked Creek Conservancy Society of Athabasca, AB

RCEN Delegate Reports:

The Policy Dialogue with Civil Society on the UNFCCC Negotiations: Canadian considerations in the lead-up to COP 15, was the second of four multi-stakeholder sessions to be held in 2009. The first session was held in Winnipeg in March on mitigation through land use measures, and further sessions will be held in Calgary (August) and Ottawa (November).

The focus of the Montreal policy dialogue was the role and profile of international carbon market mechanisms in a new international post-2012 climate change agreement. The policy dialogue will brought together experts and informed participants, providing an opportunity for Canadians to share their knowledge and perspectives regarding the design of the climate regime after 2012, the end of the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, and to inform the Government of Canada’s thinking on this subject. As well, Canada’s Chief Negotiator and Ambassador for Climate Change, Michael Martin, provided an update on the negotiations and participate in a question and answer session.

Policy Dialogue Documents:

Participants included Canadian experts from industry, academia and non-governmental organizations. This policy dialogue provided an opportunity for these stakeholders to gain a greater understanding of the status and possible directions of the on-going UNFCCC negotiations; explore in greater depth the issues and opportunities related to international carbon market mechanisms; and express their views and perspectives on the negotiations and the Canadian government’s role in the process. After the session, IISD is set to deliver a report to the Government of Canada that summarizes the views and inputs provided at the workshops.

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