First Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to Prepare a Legally Binding Instrument on Mercury



When: June 7-11, 2010
Where: Stockholm, Sweden

The Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) has been invited by Environment Canada to select one (1) ENGO delegates to participate in the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee’s first meeting (INC-1) on global mercury management. The purpose is to participate at INC-1 as a member of the Canadian delegation.  INC-1 is the first of five negotiating sessions planned between 2010-2013 for a global, legally binding agreement on mercury.

The selected ENGO delegate is:

  • Anna Tilman, IICPH, ON
  • Alternate: Fe de Leon, Canadian Environmental Law Association, ON

The Canadian delegation to INC-1 will be lead by Environment Canada and will comprise representatives of Environment Canada and other federal departments and possibly one each of representatives from ENGOs, aboriginal groups and Canadian industry. INC-1 participation will comprise national delegations of many countries as well as observers from ENGOs, IGOs, industry and others.

For more information, please contact Daniel Casselman, RCEN National Caucus Coordinator, at (613) 728-9810 ext. 236.

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