ENGO Researcher-Writer and Editor for a Chemicals Management Plan Capacity Building Project Paper


Closed Consultation

Date: October 2010

With the support of Health Canada, the RCEN selected two environmental NGO delegates (one researcher-writer and one editor) to develop a paper summarizing ENGO views on the Chemicals Management Plan and RCEN CMP Capacity Building Project.

ENGO Report:
Consolidated Civil Society Perspectives on the Chemicals Management Plan and the Canadian Environment Network’s Capacity Building Project

Selected Delegates:

  • Researcher-Writer: Anna Tilman, International Institute of Concern for Public Health (IICPH)
  • Editor: Anne Rochon Ford, National Network on Environments and Women's Health
  • Alternate: Researcher-Writer - Josh Brandon, Green Action Centre
  • Alternate: Editor - Dorothy Wigmore, Green Action Manitoba

The perspectives presented in the consolidated report are based on feedback received through an online survey, a teleconference consultation and a face-to-face CMP meeting and includes: 1) an evaluation of civil society capacity and engagement on the CMP to date; and 2) recommendations for enhancing civil society capacity and engagement on the CMP in the future.

Background Information
The Chemicals Management Plan (CMP), launched on December 8th, 2006, is an important initiative in the Government of Canada’s ongoing efforts to assess and manage the potential health and environmental risks from chemicals.

The CMP Capacity Building project is a partnership between the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) and Environmental Defence. The objective of the project is to enhance civil society capacity to engage in the Government of Canada's CMP initiative.

Technical experts at Environmental Defence have been conducting research and analysis on substances under assessment in the CMP, providing summaries in accessible formats. The RCEN has been disseminating the results of this research, along with opportunities for public engagement in the CMP, to a wide range of NGOs and civil society stakeholders.

Visit the Government of Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan website
Visit the RCEN CMP Capacity Building Project website

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