ENGO Representative to Canadian Delegation to COP-5 of Stockholm Convention


Closed Consultation

When: April 25-29, 2011
Where: Geneva, Switzerland

The RCEN has selected one ENGO representative to participate on the Canadian delegation to the Fifth Meeting of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (COP-5).

COP-5 is a decision-making meeting addressing business and technical issues related to the Stockholm Convention, and will also be considering the proposed addition of one new chemical to the Convention.

The delegation will be comprised of representatives from Environment Canada; NGOs and Aboriginal groups.

Selected Delegate:

  • Fe de Leon, Canadian Environmental Law Association

Read the delegate report

For more information, please contact Daniel Casselman, RCEN National Caucus Coordinator, at (613) 728-9810 ext. 236.

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