ENGO Representative for the Boreal Learning Network Workshop Sessions


Closed Consultation

When and Where:
Session One - May 28-30, 2008 at Nakoda Lodge in Morley, Alberta
Session Two - October 22-24, 2008 at Delta Marsh Research Centre, near Winnipeg, Manitoba
Session Three - February 2009 near Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) selected one ENGO delegate to join the Boreal Learning Network Workshop Sessions. However, due to certain circumstances, the alternate ENGO delegate will attend the second and third workshop sessions.

Selected delegate:

  • Mark Purdon, REAP Canada

Alternate delegate:

  • Douglas Gook, FORPA Forest Protection Allies

RCEN Delegate Reports:

The Boreal Learning Network is a new opportunity that brings together leaders in First Nations communities and environmental nonprofits that are focused on the future of the Boreal forest. With an exchange of culture, engaging activities, outdoor excursions, presentations and open discussion, participants will learn from experts, strengthen their network of contacts and share ideas about the Boreal forest with 24 participants from Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

The Boreal Learning Network is centered on three workshop retreat sessions, each chosen for their ability to highlight the natural beauty of the region and offer professional meeting facilities in a comfortable and enjoyable experience. With each session, participants will go deeper into Boreal forest issues and build collective wisdom about challenges and opportunities.

Visit the Sustainability Network's website for more information about the Boreal Learning Network

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