ENGO Participation in the Food Regulatory Advisory Committee



When: First meeting in May 2010 (TBC)

Health Canada has invited the RCEN to select one ENGO delegate to participate in the Food Regulatory Advisory Committee (FRAC). This multi-stakeholder committee will provide Health Canada’s Food Directorate (FD) with broad expert strategic policy advice on the safety of food products. The FRAC will also provide advice on matters relating to strategic planning, priority-setting and environmental scanning of issues related to food safety, nutritional quality or other issues related to the FD’s mandate. The FD always retains decision-making authority and responsibilities.

The selected ENGO delegate is:

  • Josh Brandon, Resource Conservation Manitoba, MB
  • Alternate: Gabrielle Krezschmar, New Brunswick Partners in Agriculture, NB

It is anticipated that the committee will meet twice a year and that the first meeting will occur in May 2010. Meetings will take place in the National Capital Region. A limited number of federal employees may be permitted to observe a meeting of the advisory committee.

Background Information

Membership of the FRAC should include, but is not limited to, individuals with expertise in the following areas:

  • Research/Academia: fields relevant to the mandate and responsibilities of the FD (e.g., nutritional sciences, food microbiology, chemical safety, toxicology, food science, epidemiology, biostatistics, biotechnology, nanotechnology);
  • Health Professional/Regulatory: food safety regulation and/or compliance and enforcement at the national level, federal/provincial/territorial level, or international level; health professionals (e.g. dieticians)
  • Industry: including the various sectors of the food chain (e.g. producers, processors, distributors, and retailers); and,
  • Patient and Consumer groups: including relevant/target populations (e.g. consumer issues, First Nations and Northern regions, vulnerable populations, health/patient groups and non-governmental organizations with a focus on health).

The call for nominations, guidelines for submitting a nomination and draft TOR of the FRAC can be found at http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/consultation/init/frac-ccra/index-eng.php.

For more information, please contact Sarah Heiberg, National Caucus Coordinator, at 514-833-9810, or by email at sarah@cen-rce.org.

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