Consultation on the Proposed Regulation of Mercury-containing Products in Canada


Closed Consultation

When: April - May 2011
Where: by teleconference

On February 26, 2011, the proposed regulations of mercury-containing products were published in the Canada Gazette, Part I for a 75-day public comment period. Environment Canada is inviting comments on the proposed regulations and associated Regulatory Impact Assessment Statement (RIAS) for 75 days, until May 12.

Environment Canada invited the RCEN Toxics Caucus to select up to 3 ENGO delegates to provide written comments on the proposed regulatory text and RIAS. Environment Canada considered all of the comments received in finalizing the regulations and RIAS.

RCEN ENGO Delegates:

  • Anna Tilman (selected to author the ENGO consolidated report), International Institute of Concern for Public Health
  • Dave Stevens, Community Health Opposition to Known Emission Dangers
  • Sheila Cole, Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia
  • Alternate: Judy Parkman, Recycling Organization Against Rubbish

Consolidated Report:

Proposed Regulations Respecting Products Containing Certain Substances Listed in Schedule 1 to the CEPA, 1999

RCEN ENGO delegates oriented themselves with the proposed regulation; participated in an Environment Canada sponsored orientation teleconference/webinar; participated in an RCEN sponsored teleconference to connect them with the perspectives and opinions of other engaged ENGOs; produced written comments on the proposed regulation and the RIAS, and one of the delegates produced the ENGO consolidated report.

Additional Information:

On February 26, 2011 a proposed regulation was published under Part 5 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999) outlining proposed prohibitions on the import, manufacture, sale and offer for sale of mercury-containing products. The proposed regulation is published in the Canada Gazette, Part I for a 75-day comment period.

The proposed regulation is called Regulations Respecting Products Containing Certain Substances Listed in Schedule 1 to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.

The regulation would:

  • Prohibit the manufacture, import, and sale of mercury-containing products, with some exemptions for essential products which have no viable alternatives, such as lamps and dental amalgam (the filling put in teeth by dentists);
  • Require labelling and reporting for permitted and exempt products;
  • Limit the mercury content in some exempted products such as fluorescent lamps;
  • Allow the possibility of permits for mercury-containing products to be in the marketplace, after an assessment of the product’s purpose, available alternatives, risks and benefits for human health and the environment, and end-of-life management practices for the product.

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For more information, please contact Daniel Casselman, RCEN National Caucus Coordinator, at (613) 728-9810 ext. 236.

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