Chemicals Management Plan Stakeholder Advisory Council



When: The first meeting of the Council will be January 25th, 2008
Where: Ottawa, Ontario

The RCEN has selected two (2) ENGO delegates to serve on a Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Council to the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP).

*Please note this is a separate body from the NGO Advisory Committee being set up through RCEN to guide the work of the RCEN-Environmental Defence Capacity Building Project on the CMP.

Selected ENGO delegates:

  • Fe de Leon, Canadian Environmental Law Association, ON
  • Mary Richardson, Crooked Creek Conservancy Society of Athabasca, AB
  • Alternate: Sandra Madray, Chemical Sensitivities Manitoba, MB

The Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Council will consist of up to 19 members and will be co-chaired by Director Generals from Environment Canada and Health Canada.

The Council will focus on the program implementation of the CMP. Issues may include risk assessment, risk management, risk communications, monitoring, research, indicators of success, and chemical policy. The focus will be on matters subsequent to the process of categorizing the Domestic Substances List, as well as cross-cutting, integrated activities across the CMP.

The Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Council has two main goals:

  1. For stakeholders to provide advice and input to Government on the implementation of the CMP.
  2. To foster dialogue on issues pertaining to the CMP between stakeholders and government, and among different stakeholder groups.

Background Information
The CMP, launched on December 8th, 2006, is an important initiative in the Government of Canada’s ongoing efforts to assess and manage the potential health and environmental risks from chemicals. For more information please visit:

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