Agriculture Caucus Members Participation at the RCEN 2010 Conference


Closed Consultation

When: September 17-19, 2010
Where: Montreal, QC

With the support of Agriculture Canada, the RCEN selected 8 Agriculture Caucus members to participate in the 2010 RCEN Conference in Montreal.

The purpose of this funding was to ensure full engagement of ENGOs in discussions around the issues associated with agriculture and environment, as well as in a functional dialogue between practicing farmers engaged in environmental practices and Agriculture Canada.

Read the delegate reports following the Conference:

The selected members participated in the Agriculture Caucus Members' Meeting on September 17th and the Agriculture Caucus Public Presentation on September 18th. It was also recommended that deleates attend the Panel on Biodiversity, Agriculture and Ecosystem Services on the 19th.

Background Information
For more information about the RCEN 2010 Conference, please visit the Conference Website.

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