Projects and Activities

From our Annual Conference on the Environment to other events and activities, the RCEN and its members regularly coordinate special projects that strengthen the environmental movement in Canada.

In partnership with our Provincial/Territorial Affiliate Networks and various partners, we have a long history of facilitating cooperation and networking among a variety of actors within the environmental community. 

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RCEN is now using Podio for its collaborative projects. Podio is a new type of online collaboration software where sharing, communicating and getting work done takes place in one online platform - fully customizable through the unique ability to create your own apps.

RCEN 2010 Conference on the Environment

youth caucus award

From September 17th-19th, the RCEN held its 2010 Annual Conference in Montreal. This year's theme was Conserving Biodiversity Pays - The Values of Ecosystem Services. Thank you to all participants, sponsors and speakers for making this event a resounding success!

Visit the 2010 Conference website to see photos, videos and presentations from the conference.

2010 International Year of Biodiversity

iyb 2010 logoThe United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. Throughout the year, the RCEN is coordinating projects and activities with Canadian civil society groups to increase understanding of the role played by biodiversity in sustaining life on Earth.

Visit our IYB 2010 website to join in the celebrations.

Friends of the Convention on Biological Diversity

friends of the cbd

The Canadian Friends of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a civil society association hosted by the RCEN. Through a partnership between the RCEN and the Secretariat of the CBD, the association promotes greater awareness of the CBD amongst civil-society organizations in Canada and to support the Convention's implementation. More

RCEN "Living History" Project

cameraDuring the summer of 2009, the RCEN supported two cyclists as they crossed Canada to make a documentary about water issues. As a side-project, the filmmakers also interviewed over a dozen long-time members of the RCEN to capture the network's living institutional memory. Footage from the project is being edited to create a series of videos about the RCEN, its members and the history of Canada's environmental movement.

Visit the Meet our Members page to watch the videos as they are released.

Past Projects & Activities

RCEN 2009 Conference: Edmonton, AB

2009 International Day for Biodiversity – May 22nd

RCEN 2008 Conference: Toronto, ON

2008 International Day for Biodiversity – May 22nd

Canadian Environmental Protection Act Review

2007 Annual General Assembly and 30th Anniversary Celebration: Ottawa, ON

2006 Annual General Assembly, Agriculture and the Environment: Montreal,QC

COP 8 and COP-MOP 3 Meetings in Curitiba, Brazil

2005 Annual General Assembly, Energy and Climate Change: Montreal, QC

Government of Canada's Smart Regulations Government Initiative

Montreal Climate Conference (COP-11)

Green Paper on Energy and Climate Change

The Purpose of the Voluntary Sector Awareness Project

ENGO Forum on Design of the Framework for Environment Canada's Sector Sustainability Tables (Jan. 2005)

CEPA Priority Substances

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