Membership Benefits

RCEN supports ENGOs by providing them with valuable networking, communications and resource-sharing services.

Via listserv, conference calls and meetings, the members share vital information, best practices and strategies, and act collectively to promote sustainability in Canadian public policy.

Our membership benefit includes access to-

1. National Caucuses:

RCEN’s national caucuses are formal working groups of environmentalists with expertise and/or an
interest in specific environmental issues.

The caucuses provide networking opportunities with industry experts who share the same passion for environmental protection.

2. Connecting with other RCEN Members:

RCEN’s existing members include small and large Environmental NGOs across Canada and motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds with an environmental focus. By becoming a member, you can collaborate with members who do related work.

3. Provincial Affiliate Networks:

By becoming a member with us, you can also get connected with our provincial environmental networks. RCEN, supports and collaborates with provincial and territorial environmental networks across Canada. These are:

Alberta Environmental Network

Manitoba Eco-Network

New Brunswick Environmental Network

Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Network

Nova Scotia Environmental Network

Ontario Environment Network

Check out more information about the affiliate networks here.


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