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Membership in the RCEN is open to non-profit, non-governmental environmental organizations. But it's the passion and dedication of people who work or volunteer for these groups that has helped the Network to achieve its goals since 1977.

Meet Our Members

With member groups from rural and urban communities across the country, the RCEN is made up of Canadians from the entire spectrum of career paths and interests.

martha and john michael

Most are professionals in various areas of expertise, and include such diverse professions as teachers, doctors, farmers, engineers, lawyers, biologists, geographers, geologists, administrators, university professors, members of the clergy, nurses, homemakers, artists, musicians, actors, writers and First Nations chiefs. Just to name a few.

The vast majority of RCEN members are volunteers. Via their involvement in consultations, caucuses, collaborative projects and governance committees, RCEN volunteers contribute countless hours of their precious time every day.

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