What do Canadians think?: The final report on Rio+20 National Civil Society Consultations

Mon 26 Mar 2012

What do Canadians think?

Beginning in May 2011 and running through November, 11 dialogues took place across the country in the following cities: Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Halifax, Quebec, Fredericton, St. John’s, and Ottawa, and intended to brief Canadians on Rio+20, its themes, its goals, as well as to gather public opinion and make recommendations on behalf of Canadians and civil society. The consultation’s final outcomes report is a synthesis of civil society and stakeholder opinions and priorities from the regional workshops. The final outcomes report has been prepared to encourage the continued engagement of civil society groups and stakeholders in Rio+20, and will also be used to inform the Canadian delegation to Rio+20, the UNEP’s RONA, and the Rio+20 Conference Secretariat. It is recognized that the final outcomes report does not necessarily represent all opinions shared by members of Canadian civil society, or each of the stakeholders engaged with in the workshops. Read the final report here.

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