Friends of the CBD Conference Charts a Course for New Association

Wed 17 Aug 2011

On August 5th, the RCEN Biodiversity Caucus hosted a Friends of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Development and Planning Conference at Queen’s University to explore the raison d’être of the fledgling multi-stakeholder association.

"Friends" of the CBDEstablished in 2010, the Friends of the CBD brings together stakeholders from academia, industry, municipalities and non-governmental organisations to play an active role in meeting Canada's commitments to the CBD and safeguarding biodiversity globally.

Featuring presentations by Leslie Adams, Co-chair of the Biodiversity Caucus, and Neil Pratt of the CBD Secretariat, the event gathered over 30 participants for an in-depth discussion aimed at refining the meaning of the Friends, and finding its niche in the national and international biodiversity agenda.

Call for Comments: Preliminary Outcomes Document

Preliminary outcomes from the discussion can be found here.

This is an invitation for you to provide your comments and feedback on the outcomes document. The document is divided into three main sections: vision and objectives; strategic priorities; and governance. Each section includes the relevant background information, the questions that participants were asked, followed by a synthesis of the responses.

The meeting outcomes and broader civil society comments will be taken into consideration in the preparation of a final succinct scoping document.

"Friends" of the CBD

Please send your feedback to by end of day September 25th, 2011.

Make sure that you clearly identify where you would like to see changes, that your comments are specific and when possible, identify when you have proposes new text. A text version of the document can be made available upon request.

For more information, or to be part of the Friends of the CBD association, please contact Jessie Sadler, RCEN Caucus Coordinator.


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