About the RCEN e-Bulletin

A National Source for Environmental News and Resources

With over 600 active member groups, our vast Network is overflowing with environmental news, announcements, resources, events, job opportunities and stories from coast to coast to coast. Every two weeks, we pick the most interesting information and send it out via our electronic bulletin.

The e-Bulletin is your source of information for environmental and RCEN news. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.

How to Contribute

In general, the information conveyed in the e-Bulletin comes from ENGOs and federal government departments and agencies working on environmental initiatives. We encourage all our members to share important news and announcements through the e-Bulletin.

Environmental information should be of national interest, and should be accessible on the web (e.g. link for conference webpage). To share provincial or regional information, we encourage you to contact your respective Provincial/Territorial Affiliate Network.


The RCEN e-Bulletin is regularly published every second Wednesday. Please email your submissions (100 words or less) to bulletin@rcen.ca before Monday at 11am. Whenever possible, send your submissions in both English and French.

Please include pertinent information, any deadlines and a link to a webpage where readers can learn more.


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