International Program Caucus

Ecological Governance – The Role of International NGOs in Achieving Sustainable Development

From March 2006 to November 2007, the RCEN-IP, in cooperation with four Canadian ENGOs, completed ecological governance projects in Nigeria, Honduras, Bolivia and Cameroon. The goal of these projects was to enhance and promote the role of ENGOs in developing countries in affecting change toward environmental sustainability by strengthening capacity to reach ecological governance.

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Steering Committee

Jean Arnold (Co-Chair)
Falls Brook Centre, NB
East Coast

Michael Simpson (Co-Chair)
One Sky, BC
West Coast

Drew De Panicis
One Earth Initiative, BC

Tanya Gutmanis
Sierra Club Canada, ON

Meredith Kushnir
Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (REAP-Canada), ON

Clara Whyte
Gaïa Vision, QC

Caucus Coordinator