Health Caucus

The Health Caucus is always looking for knowledgeable, passionate individuals to participate in the Caucus’ activities and projects.

Among other projects, the Health Caucus has carved itself out a niche in Community Engagement in Local and National Decision through ongoing participation in the UN Habitat-hosted World Urban Forum (WUF). Preparations for WUF6, which will be held in Bahrain, are now underway!

If you are part of an RCEN member organization and would like to get involved in the Health Caucus, please contact the Caucus Coordinator at the information listed on the right. If your organization would like to join the RCEN, please see our Membership page.

RCEN E-Bulletin

Steering Committee

Jim Elliott (Chair)
The Gaia Group, SK

Sheila Cole
Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia, NS

David Daughton
Eastern Co-operative Health Organization, PEI

Sandra Madray
Chemical Sensitivities Manitoba, MB

David J. Parker
Vegetarians of Alberta Association, AB

Rohini Peris

Environmental Health Association of Québec

Caucus Coordinator