Environmental Planning and Assessment Caucus

The Environmental Planning and Assessment (EPA) Caucus is always looking for active, engaged organisations and knowledgeable, passionate individuals to participate in the Caucus’ activities and projects.

At this time, the EPA Caucus is principally involved in the federal Review of Environmental Assessment Processes, including participating in the Multi-Interest Advisory Committee, a multi-stakeholder committee that advises the Expert Panel responsible for the Review of Environmental Assessment Processes.

If funds are available, EPA Caucus members meet in-person twice a year – once in the spring and another meeting in Ottawa every fall. Their meetings offer caucus members an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, discuss ongoing challenges and strategy around EA in Canada.

If you are part of an RCEN member organization and would like to get involved in the EPA Caucus, please contact the caucus coordinator at the information listed on the right. If your organization would like to join the RCEN, please see our Membership page.

RCEN E-Bulletin

Steering Committee

Doug Badger
Environmental Action Committee, AB

Roberta Frampton Benefiel
Grand Riverkeeper Labrador, NL

Hugh Benevides
Montreal, QC

Meinhard Doelle
Ecology Action Centre, NS

Peter Duck
Bow Valley Naturalists, AB

Stephen Hazell
Nature Canada, ON

Joseph Hnatiuk
Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists, AB

Judy Huntley
Castle Crown Wilderness Coalition, AB

Anna Johnston (Co-chair)
West Coast Environmental Law, BC

Jamie Kneen (Co-chair and interim Caucus coordinator)
MiningWatch Canada, ON

Oscar Koren
Slovenian Sports Federation-Environmental Group, ON

Arlene Kwasniak
Alberta Wilderness Association, AB

Pat Moss
Northwest Institute, BC

Michael Poellet
Inter-Church Uranium Committee Educational Cooperative, SK

Gary Schneider
ECO-PEI (Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island), PEI

John Sinclair
Green Action Centre, MB

Anna Tilman
Watershed Sentinel, BC

John Werring
David Suzuki Foundation, BC