Biodiversity Caucus

The Biodiversity Caucus is always looking for knowledgeable, passionate individuals to participate in the Caucus’ activities and projects.

As one of RCEN’s busiest caucuses, there are many biodiversity projects underway right now that need the active participation of Caucus members:

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  • Building the RCEN’s Friends of the CBD Association
  • Access and Benefit Sharing Champions Program
  • Understanding the outcomes of COP-10
  • Implementing the RCEN’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Planning and organization of International Day of Biodiversity Activities
  • Celebration of the International Year of Forests 2011
  • Promoting our Biodiversity Tool Kit

If you are part of an RCEN member organization and would like to get involved in the Biodiversity Caucus, please contact the Caucus Coordinator at the information listed on the right. If your organization would like to join the RCEN, please see our Membership page.

RCEN E-Bulletin

Steering Committee

Leslie Adams (Co-Chair)
Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources, ON

Larry McDermott (Co-Chair)
Plenty Canada, ON

John Coombs
Nature Manitoba, MB

Joseph Hnatiuk
Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists, AB

Lynn Palmer
Environment North, ON

Frederic Perron-Welch
Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, QC

Wendy Thomson
ElectricGreen Environment News, ON

Caucus Coordinator

John Coombs
Tel / Fax : 1-855-200-2463 (1-855-200BioD)