Agriculture Caucus

Agriculture Caucus Working Groups:

Sustainable Certification Framework for Agricultural Products Group

The purpose of this working group is to develop a comprehensive sustainable certification framework for agricultural products. This framework would combine organic with locally produced, with family farming, with ecological goods and services, with fair trade and other ethical criteria, in order to reward local family farms for responsible social and ecological practices and to provide the consumer with a socially and ecologically conscious food source.

The Caucus is proposing a certification process that would bring together these factors and combine them in a single logo which would allow the consumer in one glance to determine:

  1. is it organically produced;
  2. is it from a family farm;
  3. where was it produced (for processed foods, origins for main ingredients);
  4. what environmental goods and services (if any) are supplied by this farm;
  5. is there a fair trade relationship between vendors and producers of this product;
  6. are humane practices used for animals?

Agricultural Impacts to Water Working Group

The Agricultural Impacts to Water Working Group will be developing a research proposal and paper to clarify the impacts of agricultural practices on Canada’s water resources with the goal of educating the network, the public and decision-makers.

The Caucus proposes a flexible partnership among NGOs involved in water and agriculture issues in order to effectively collaborate on the shared goals of:

  1. synthesizing available information on the impact of industrial agriculture on water supply and water quality in Canada
  2. improving our organizations' and their constituencies' knowledge base regarding the impacts of agriculture on water in Canada
  3. enhancing citizens understanding of these impacts to promote changes in behaviour to improve water quality and quantity
  4. influencing decisions made by policy makers and regulators regarding environmental and agricultural laws and regulations in Canada as they pertain to agriculture's impact on water

RCEN E-Bulletin

Steering Committee

Josh Brandon (Co-Chair)
Green Action Centre, MB

Maureen Reilly (Co-Chair)
Beyond Factory Farming, ON

Aaron Felt
Food Education Action St. John's (FEASt), NL

Ngaio Hotte
The Pembina Institute, AB

Caucus Coordinator

Josh Brandon