Secrétariat des organismes environnementaux du Québec

Secrétariat des organismes environnementaux du Québec

The Secrétariat des organismes environnementaux du Québec aims to create linkages among environmental organizations seeking to work on common issues in Québec, Canada and internationally.

The Secretariat develops opportunities for networking, training, consultation and access to various services within and beyond Québec’s borders. It encourages its members to share information and expertise on issues of environmental protection.

While striving to ensure that Québec’s environmental organizations are more effectively represented within the Canadian environmental movement, the Secretariat also works to increase the presence of Francophones in national and international networks for information and expertise exchange.

The Secretariat meticulously respects the areas of expertise of other Québec groups and networks, and has the following mission:

  • defending the interests of its members;
  • strengthening Québec’s environmental movement's capacity for action;
  • ensuring a healthy dialogue between environmental movements in Québec and the rest of Canada;
  • through actions such as providing networking services and technical resources, encouraging its members’ active participation in the development of practices, policies, laws and regulations designed to improve environmental quality.

Contact information:

Anne Beaulieu, Executive Director
870, avenue de Salaberry, local 310
Québec, QC G1R 2T9
Phone: (418) 780-4360
Fax: (418) 524-4112

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