Ontario Environmental Network

Ontario Environmental Network

The Ontario Environment Network (OEN) is a non-profit network serving Ontario's environmental non-profit, non-governmental community. Ontario has over 700 environmental groups that range from national to neighbourhood-based and focus on a wide range of issues. The OEN seeks to increase awareness of these organizations and encourage discussions about means to protect the environment.

The Network provides a central referral service for anyone seeking environmental information, organizes workshops and conferences, publishes resource materials and facilitates issue specific caucuses. The OEN also maintains a database of Ontario environmental groups and a delegate database for public consultations.

The Ontario Environment Network provides a unique forum for Ontario environmental organizations, helping them build environmental awareness throughout the province. By linking environmental groups together, the OEN assists them in sharing ideas and strategies.

Contact information:

Phillip Penna, Coordinator
P.O. Box 1412, Station Main
North Bay, Ontario P1B 8K6
Phone: (705) 840-2888
Fax: (705) 840-5862

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