New Brunswick Environmental Network

New Brunswick Environmental Network

The New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN), established in 1991, is a communication network that links together over 70 non-profit environmental organizations.

The role of the NBEN is to improve communication and co-operation among environmental groups and between these groups, government and industry. The NBEN provides educational opportunities for its member and associate groups and encourages the growth of the environmental movement in New Brunswick.

The NBEN is governed by a Steering Committee that is elected by member groups, at the annual general meeting. The Steering Committee consists of eight representatives. Two representatives are chosen from each of the following groups: Youth, First Nations, Francophone and Anglophone.

Contact information:

Mary Ann Coleman, Coordinator
167 Creek Rd.
Waterford, New Brunswick E4E 4L7
Phone: (506) 433-6101
Fax: (506) 433-6111


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