David Suzuki Foundation - Fish Lake: Protect Our Lakes and Rivers from Mining

Tue 19 Oct 2010

Taseko Mines Limited is seeking federal approval to open a gold-copper mine near Williams Lake, B.C. This project anticipates the complete destruction of one of the province's most important family recreation fishing lakes known as Teztan Biny (Fish Lake).

The project was reviewed by a special panel convened under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, which concluded that the project as proposed would result in significant adverse environmental effects on fish and fish habitat, on navigation, on the current use of lands and resources for traditional purposes by First Nations and on cultural heritage, and on certain potential or established Aboriginal rights or title.

The David Suzuki Foundation strongly opposes this project. Please write to federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice and tell him that the Prosperity Gold-Copper Project should not be approved as proposed and that the destruction of Canada's lakes and rivers by mining companies should not be allowed or tolerated.

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