Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Take Action to Protect the Magpie River

Wed 26 Jan 2011

Recently, The Big Wild conservation movement launched a campaign to protect the Magpie River, one of the last great wild rivers in Québec. Conservationists worldwide value the Magpie River for its ecological diversity and huge tourist potential.

The Big Wild is asking Québec’s Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife to rule out any possibility of hydroelectric projects on this important whitewater river. They are also asking Québec’s Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks to apply permanent protection status to the proposed biodiversity reserve under interim protection since 2003 and include the Magpie River.

Concerned citizens are invited to add their voice to the campaign at

Founded by MEC and CPAWS, The Big Wild is a conservation movement that makes it easy for Canadians to stand up for wilderness protection campaigns.

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